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Lynk Pros matches homeowners to a network of licensed, insured and vetted service professionals.

Our Story

About What We Do

Lynk Pros was developed to help every homeowner identify and correct common problems within their homes including water, mold, air quality, safety hazards, hidden property damage, storm preparedness, home efficiency issues, maintenance requirements, and much, much more. Lynk Pros mission is to help homeowners correct these problems, provide a safe living environment and preserve their property value.

Lynk Pros matches homeowners to a network of licensed, insured and vetted service professionals that will provide free-no obligation estimates for repairs, home improvement and maintenance at the most competitive pricing.

Our Company Mission & Client Vision

Maximizing property value and longevity through proactive maintenance and sustainable solutions.


At Lynk Pros, we strive to empower homeowners by identifying and addressing a wide range of common issues that can affect the safety, comfort, and value of their homes. From water damage and mold remediation to energy efficiency and property maintenance, our mission is to provide comprehensive solutions that promote a healthy living environment and preserve your property investment.


Our vision at Lynk Pros is to be the leading provider of comprehensive home renovation, construction, and maintenance services that enable homeowners to live comfortably, safely, and sustainably. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and expertise, we aim to revolutionize the home improvement industry and set new standards for quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Recent Years

Our Journey


Meet Our Team

Transforming your vision into reality with excellence and efficiency.

Joe Puentes

Joe Puentes

Co-Founder & CEO

Joe is a visionary entrepreneur and technology innovator with over 30 years of diverse experience building businesses in industries such as automotive, technology, finance, and real estate.

Daniel Spindler

Daniel Spindler

Co-Founder & COO

Daniel is an experienced business developer and investor in commercial and residential property renovation, having bought, restored, and sold over 1,100 properties in 20 years.

Raymond Ward

Raymond Ward

Director & Operations Advisor

Ray is a highly credentialed Certified Master Inspector (CMI) and educator with significant training and personnel development experience. Ray brings his expertise to fine-tuning, training and scaling the performance of LYNK PROS.

Eddy Martinez

Eddy Martinez

Director & Investment Advisor

Eddy brings an accomplished background in strategic and capital planning as well as bringing new products and ideas to market at scale with start-ups, rapid growth and Fortune 500 companies including Ryder, ADP, DHL and Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Todd Kearns

Todd Kearns

Chief Development Officer

Todd excels in optimizing sales teams, achieving millions in monthly gross sales. He has successfully structured companies from building call centers to implementing exit strategies, often through public offerings.

Michael Chermak

Michael Chermak

Capital Markets Advisor

Michael has founded and successfully exited multiple companies. 20 years of public company experience on OTC and NASDAQ as an officer. He has helped raise over $200 million for companies where he has held leadership positions.

Oliver Ferrier

Oliver Ferrier

Director of Operations

Oliver’s former Wall Street background, coupled with founding and developing an interactive technology company that developed experiential projects for top Fortune 500 brands worldwide, provides a strategic skill set to Lynk Pros operations, processes, and efficiencies.

Banna Fakhoury

Banna Fakhoury

Marketing Advisor

Banna is a Miami Native, Community Leader, Real Estate Advisor for 10+ Years, Marketing Extraordinaire and Co-Owner of Ocean Sky Media and The Miami Guide.
Banna helps lead Lynk Pros’ marketing efforts.

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