How safe is your home?

When is the last time you inspected your home? Chances are, not since you bought it! Find out what home issues and safety hazards could be affecting your home’s value, efficiency, and the safety of your family.


Start With a Free Evaluation

When you schedule a free evaluation with Lynk Pros, you are taking an important step towards ensuring the safety and comfort of your home or business. During this evaluation, the experienced team at Lynk Pros will conduct a thorough assessment of your HVAC, plumbing, or electrical systems, identifying any potential issues that may be affecting their performance. By doing so, they can provide you with recommendations for upgrades or repairs that will help to improve the efficiency, reliability, and safety of your systems. With Lynk Pros, you can trust that you are working with a team of professionals who are committed to providing the highest level of service and expertise to every customer they work with.


Get a report and reminders

Get a report and upgrade reminders: After the evaluation, Lynk Pros will provide you with a report of their findings. This report will include recommendations for upgrades or repairs that may be necessary. Additionally, Lynk Pros will send you reminders when it’s time to upgrade or perform maintenance on your equipment.


Enjoy safe and comfortable living

We connect you with qualified service professionals and home improvement companies to fix your problems, provide a safe living environment and preserve your property value.

How safe is your home?

100+ Point Property Evaluation & Bill of Health

Peace of Mind with Lynk Pros’ Detailed 100+ Point Property Evaluation

Free Evaluation

A thorough “check-up”

Free physical and environmental evaluation of the property – a thorough “check-up”.


Environmental Inspection

We conduct Air & Water Quality tests through an accredited laboratory and provide a complete lab report. Get peace of mind and find out if your home has potentially hazardous living conditions!


Property Damage Inspection

We check for hidden damages, plumbing, shower pan, roof leaks, mold, moisture & humidity that left unattended can cause your home to deteriorate and lose value and create an unsafe living environment.


Home Efficiency

High electrical and / or water bills? Your plumbing, appliances, home systems or lack of maintenance may be causing these issues. Find out today!


Safety Inspection

We check for Fire & Carbon Monoxide alarms, Fire Extinguishers, Pool alarms, and hazardous electrical conditions. Better safe than sorry. Find out now!


Storm Preparedness

Is your roof, windows & doors storm ready? Do you have the right insurance policy and coverage? Find out before the next storm!


we'll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Lynk Pros and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about their services.

Is LYNK Pros free to use?

Yes Lynk Pros is a free service. We match your requirements with your area and match you with qualified local pros. Our revenue comes from these local pros for us marketing and locating services for them.

Is financing available for my project?

Yes. For projects above $1000, we have finanching options available for you. Approval only takes a few minutes and you can learn more here.

Isn't it easier to hire for services directly than going to LYNK?

Yes and No. Yes, it is easier to hire anyone but with our service you know you are getting a qualified, licensed, insured, and vetted contractor. 

Are Lynk Pros' service professionals licensed and insured?

Yes, all of Lynk Pros' service professionals are fully licensed and insured, and they undergo rigorous training and background checks to ensure they meet the company's high standards of quality and safety.

How can I schedule a service appointment?

You can schedule a service appointment by contacting Lynk Pros through their website, email, or phone. Their team will work with you to find a convenient time for your service appointment.