Dear Valued Investors, Advisors, Partners, and Friends of Lynk Pros, 

We are pleased to present you with our latest newsletter which covers the first quarter of 2024. In this recap, we proudly look back at the Q1 of 2024 as we have had tremendous advancements on a variety of fronts. Q1 has truly exceeded expectations and without any further delay let’s get to it.


Key Highlights in Lynk Pros News:

  • Lynk Pros Hires a Director of Operations
  • Building out a Winning Sales Team 
  • Big Strides Forward in Roofing
  • Solar added to our Offerings and some BIG News!
  • Looking Ahead into Q2

Welcome Oliver Ferrier – Director of Operations

We are delighted to introduce Oliver Ferrier as our new Director of Operations. Oliver brings with him a wealth of operational and strategic sales experience to our executive team. His track record includes numerous successes in sales and entrepreneurship, including a notable tenure on Wall Street during the tech/IPO boom. Following this, he founded and successfully grew a technology company from the ground up, achieving remarkable success in the digital out-of-home interactive industry, serving Fortune 500 brands worldwide. Oliver’s strategic skill set greatly enhances Lynk Pros’ operations, processes, and efficiencies. His insights and expertise have already had a significant positive impact on our bottom line.

Building Out a Winning Sales Team!

These past 3 months have been exciting times from the sales side of things as we have meticulously put together the core group of our sales team. As of this writing we now have 11 sales reps spread across both our roofing and solar divisions and rapidly growing. Our projections by the end of Q2 are to continue expanding the sales force to 24 total reps including having our first remote team servicing the west coast of Florida from a satellite office somewhere near Fort Myers. In addition, we have substantially grown revenue in just this quarter and we believe that this is just the beginning!

Big Strides Forward in Roofing

We are extremely excited to share some game-changing news that has already impacted our bottom line in a dramatic way and promises to really take our company to the next level in the coming weeks and months. As of early March we now have our roofing backend completed. We will explain this in greater detail during an investor meetup but in a nutshell we now have the following secured:

  • Roofing Qualifier.
  • Roofing Installation crew dedicated to Lynk Pros with 22 crews available to prioritize. our projects.
  • Established intake and permitting procedures & optimized reporting processes
  • Material Sourcing and Delivery at prices that compete with the oldest roofing companies in the State. 

What does this all mean? It means that we are now ultra-competitive with pricing while maximizing our profit margins to percentage levels that no one could have thought possible. We have also secured industry-leading training for our team and are also beta testing new technologies to further set Lynk Pros apart from the competition. We are well on our way to becoming an unmatched force in the industry and this is merely the beginning!

Solar Added to our Offerings and Some Big News!

In addition to the other progress we’ve made this past quarter, we are happy to announce that Solar is now also an offering for Lynk Pros. 

 Thanks to our Chief Development Officer Todd Kearns and his extensive list of industry contacts, we have now secured the nation’s largest solar installer (Freedom Forever) to become our partner for Solar. Not only will Freedom Forever install our projects but they are also providing leads at no cost and they provide ongoing training for our reps. Additionally, they pay commissions for our sales which dramatically reduces our costs and allows us to make excellent profit margins on yet another highly sought-after residential service. 

 One would think that this is a major win on its own merit, and it is, but in continued dialog and negotiation, we have now further secured an agreement that exclusively makes Lynk Pros the sole roofing installer for all of Freedom Forever’s roofing jobs throughout the State of Florida. This massive deal positions us as a wholesale roofer in addition to our retail roofing and can seamlessly deliver to us anywhere from 30-100 additional roofing jobs per month at $0 acquisition cost. What a win!

Looking ahead into Q2

While this quarter was chock full of strategic wins for Lynk Pros, this is simply the beginning. In early Q2 we are preparing to make some big waves in the in-home sales industry by introducing our first big gamechanger. We are extremely excited to reveal this to you all at a time and place to be announced soon. We also have other financial benchmarks within our sights along with a well-crafted gameplan to not just meet, but rather exceed our internal projections. As always, we appreciate all of your support and please keep an eye out in your inbox for a get-together invite coming real soon!

Lynk Pros Team

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