Dear Valued Investors, Advisors, Partners, and Friends of Lynk Pros, 

We are pleased to present you with our latest newsletter which covers the second quarter of 2024. In this issue, we recap a very busy and exciting Q2 of 2024 that was filled with loads of activity and developments.


Key Highlights in Lynk Pros News:

  • Lynk Pros Finalizes Agreement with Roofing and GC Qualifier
  • Several New Hires join our Permitting & Field Ops Team
  • Big Supplier Deal Finalized for Roofing
  • Lynk Pros joins efforts to rebuild elderly couple’s home
  • Investor Reveal on What is Happening Next
  • A Buyout Offer Already?
  • Looking Ahead into Q3

Lynk Pros finalizes agreement with Roofing & GC Qualifier

We were very pleased to formally finalize an agreement with Pablo Arnaud from Arna Construction to serve as both our Roofing and General Contracting qualifier. Pablo has been a joy to work with, and has also brought a wealth of roofing and engineering expertise to the table that he has been most generously sharing with our team. We are extremely grateful to have Pablo on our team and his contributions thus far have truly been invaluable.

Several new hires join our Permitting & Field Ops teams

We are delighted to introduce multiple new hires to bolster our Permitting and Field Operations teams. As our roofing business continues to flourish we must be able to support all of these projects on the back end as well. We are extremely excited to have had the following positions filled with highly qualified people who share our collective vision. Below is a brief recap of our newest team members. More coming soon!

Jasmin Sosa
Director of Permitting

Ronald Rey
Director of Field Ops

Andrew Hostetler
Sr. Field Technician
Alexia Gregory
Permit Coordinator

Big supplier deal finalized for roofing!

We are pleased to announce a finalized materials agreement with ABC Supply Co. that has further empowered us for exponential growth in the roofing market. ABC is the nation’s largest wholesale roofing supply company and thanks to this new agreement Lynk Pros Roofing can now compete with the most recognized roofing competitors that have established for decades in the region. As a result, our pricing and warranties are extremely competitive and it further empowers us to have healthy margins of profit per roof while always doing the right thing for our customers. ABC also facilitates our material deliveries to job sites which further streamlines our project management efficiencies and we are about to finalize a second segment to this deal in the coming weeks which will allow us close out material invoices after our jobs are completed. This will dramatically improve our cash flow as we will no longer have to front load any jobs. This was a major win for us! Finally, ABC Supply is also a big contributor to the community and we will announce some more news on this front in our next quarterly newsletter. 

Lynk Pros joins efforts to rebuild elderly couple’s home

Lynk Pros is proud to announce our involvement in rebuilding the home of Edward Knox, a local humanitarian and changemaker. Mr. Knox, who has dedicated over 26 years to philanthropy and community service, found his home in disrepair due to mold, water damage, and unsafe living conditions. After an unsuccessful attempt to secure a governmental renovation grant, Mr. Knox’s plight led WikiVoice to spearhead the reconstruction effort.

Lynk Pros takes the GC role and donates labor for rebuild efforts and roof installation, highlighting our commitment to community solidarity. Our collaboration with WikiVoice and other local businesses and organizations, including The Latin Builders Association, CJ Development Group, Get Redd Foundation, and Neighbors 4 Neighbors, emphasizes the power of united action. A recent fundraiser at Las Vegas Cuisine in Downtown Doral raised over $30,000 in cash, materials, and pro-bono services, showcasing community support. Lynk Pros remains dedicated to this cause, working alongside our partners to ensure Mr. Knox and his family can return to a safe and dignified living environment. To learn more visit: The Knox Project


Investor Sneak Peak on what is happening next

We met individually with all of our early stage investors to introduce some exciting new refinements on what we are working on to turn Lynk Pros into a household name. This included:

  • New enhanced company vision and rebranding/marketing strategy.
  • New sales rep ‘all-in-one presentation’ collateral strategy to decrease the amount of ‘go back’ appointments which will enable Lynk Pros to see more prospective customers and thus increase our overall efficiency and profitability. More on this in an upcoming newsletter. 
  • Reveal of tech component that will allow Lynk Pros to truly become a technology company which will ensure our valuation multiplier to increase from 4x (service multiplier) to 10x (technology multiplier).
  • A clearer vision of how everything we do can now be seamlessly introduced to prospects and customers throughout and beyond the initial sales cycle.
  • Additional plans for an ancillary roofing service company acquisition. 

We have also revamped our investor pitch deck to incorporate these new components and are currently in the midst of completing a round of funding. More on this in the next newsletter.

A Buyout Offer Already?

Earlier this quarter we were approached by the CEO of Roofer.com with an offer to purchase Lynk Pros Roofing for $12,000,000. While this offer at first glance appears very impressive, it was quickly rejected by our executive team as our goals and expectations far exceed this valuation. To be fair, we anticipate $12,000,000 in gross revenue this year alone and that is just in this first year! With our long term strategy of a 10x valuation multiplier it is easy to understand why this 1x valuation was not an offer worth entertaining. However, it does further reinforce that we are clearly on the right track and starting to make some noise in the industry itself.

Looking ahead into Q3

Q2 was extremely busy for us as a team and we are hitting the 3rd quarter in full stride. We have our wholesale roofing division coming online, our solar division getting into swing, an impact windows & doors division deal finalized, and completing our investor funding round. Q3 will also include beta testing our next level of sales presentation, and we also anticipate, via our funding goals, to get our first acquisition completed. We also hope to start the early stage of technology development to get the previously mentioned valuation targets set in stone. As always, we appreciate all of your support and we look forward to bringing you more exciting news soon!

Lynk Pros Team