Dear Valued Investors, Partners, and Friends of Lynk Pros,

Welcome to the most recent iteration of our quarterly newsletter. We appreciate your ongoing support as we continue to evolve into a robust and well-structured powerhouse within our industry. In this issue, we look back at the 4th quarter of 2023 and preview our plans for 2024 which includes exciting new avenues and prospects for growth. As always, we remain committed to our mission and are extremely excited at the prospects of 2024 as we fully begin to hit our stride. With that said, let’s get into it.


Key Highlights in Lynk Pros News:

  • Lynk Pros hires Chief Development Officer
  • Beginning our journey as a Roofing provider
  • Building our in-house Call Center
  • Prepping for big things in 2024

Welcome Todd Kearns – Chief Development Officer

We are excited to announce the hiring of Todd Kearns as our Chief Development Officer. Todd excels in building and optimizing sales teams that are designed to drive millions of dollars in gross monthly sales. Prior to joining Lynk Pros, Todd has successfully structured companies like Sunergy Solar, Cross Atlantic Solar, State Wide Windows and Doors, and Allied Roofing just to name a few. From building call centers to implementing exit strategies, often via public offerings, Todd is a welcome addition to our team and we are excited at what Todd is going to bring to the table.

Beginning Our Journey As A Roofing Provider!

We’re excited to share some exciting updates with you all. With the recent addition of Todd Kearns to our team we are going to be expanding into the Roofing sector to drive additional revenues into Lynk Pros. Not only is roofing a highly profitable business venture by itself, but when you think of the entire suite of services currently being offered by Lynk Pros, roofing will be a highly lucrative add-on service to virtually every one of our other current offerings. While this new business channel will take some time to be properly established, we are very excited at the process that is currently being undertaken to get us moving in the right direction. This quarter that process included heavy market research by Todd Kearns from pricing points, to established roofing partners to carry out the work with acceptable profit margins to Lynk Pros. We are pleased with the developments thus far and envision 2024 being a very lucrative year in regards to this new division of sales.

Building Our In-House Call Center

In addition to the other exciting additions we have also built our very own in-house call center. This is a very important step for us as it allows Lynk Pros to control what happens with leads that we receive (or purchase) and it further enables us to begin building a sales team and effectively managing them as they go from appointment to appointment. We are currently exploring different call center softwares and technologies to make our team capable of competing with the very best that exist and look forward to updating you with additional news on this development soon.

Prepping For Big Things In 2024

As we look back on 2023 we are extremely proud of the strides forward we have made. Our team is coming together and our vision is clearer than ever before. As we prepare for 2024 we are seeing the fruits of our labor coming to bear. Here is a sneak preview of what you can expect to see in Q1 of 2024


  • Roofing: Continued growth in both sales and profit margins. We anticipate refining our processes and exploring more lucrative partnerships.
  • Solar: We are currently exploring the possibility of incorporating Solar into our sales offerings as it is extremely profitable, great for the environment, and offers several tax incentives to homeowners when they couple it in with their roofing purchase.
  • Growing Our Team: Lynk Pros will continue to build out our team. We will be bringing on both inside and outside sales reps and will also continue to improve our backend operations positions to ensure efficiencies and processes are optimized.

In closing, Q4 2023 was a very exciting quarter for us and we are very proud of our advancements in 2023 as a whole. Now that we are at the threshold of 2024 we are extremely motivated and driven to make headway with significant winds in our sails. We appreciate all of you and want to take this time to wish you and yours a very festive holiday season and happy, healthy 2024!

Lynk Pros Team

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